Let us help your motorsport event by laying out plans and strategies to support your dream motorsport event.  From track races, to cross border events and exhibitions.  We can also get involved in other MotorSport related projects like the travelsafe/viagemsegura project we recently completed for 2 years.


We enjoy bringing in a charity element to each event to ensure that wherever we go we support the local communities.

With the events and promotions we manage, we aim to optimize sponsor exposure and ROI to ensure that the investment provides value to the sport and the competitors and investors.

We enjoy developing the entire project from scratch to provide a smooth rollout and always seeking to find ways to ensure we are making use of the local community companies and people to develop and empower locals.

Motorsport Promoters is an events organising company which have hosted many events such as these listed below. 

1.     Galp Classic Car Rally since 2017 to date

2.     Ermelo Special Stage Rally 2018

3.     Promoting Motorsport at Cars in the Park 2018/19

4.     Festival of motoring 2018/19

5.     HRSA Motoring City at Zwartkop Raceway

6.     Karcher Classic Car Rally 2020

7.     TravelSafe / Viagem Segura Safety awareness project 2019/20 (Mozambique)

8.     Porsche 911 Tour

9.     Adventure Bike Subaru Journey

10.   Classic Car Safari

Vintage Car
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